How to Reopen a NYC Restaurant: From Hand Sanitizer to Masks to Linens – Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Everyone in New York City is eager to reopen yet “stay safe” against the Coronavirus pandemic. As a top-rated linen service company, we’ve been hit hard by the downturn in business as have our valuable New York City restaurants. We’re not sure what things will look like when we re-open, but we can start to see some of the issues savvy restauranteers might want to think about post-Coronavirus. Here’s our list (very much a work in progress); share your comments to us via email!

  1. Government Regulations. Clearly, both the New York City and New York state governments will issue government regulations that all restaurants will have to follow. These might be to require six feet between tables, or perhaps for employees to wear masks. Task #1 – pay attention to government agencies and the regulations that may be coming out to the restaurant industry. Then brainstorm how you can comply and what supplies you need to do so.Reopening a Restaurant in New York City post-coronavirus
  2. Hand Sanitizer. Clearly, employees, customers, and government regulators will be looking to hand-washing and hand-sanitizers for employees and even perhaps customers. Perhaps new hand sanitizers will be required at each and every NY restaurant. These might be “industrial size” hand sanitizers placed at the entrance, for example. Task #2 – figure out a supplier for hand sanitizers for your restaurant and line up supplies. Without a supply, you might be unable to open even if the government allows it.
  3. Masks. There is talk in Europe that restaurant employees will have to wear masks. Do you have enough? Do you know what masks will be allowed? We’re not certain (yet) but we’re lining up wholesale supplies of masks. Task #3 – think through your mask strategy and find a supplier. Perhaps customers will need to wear a mask too? In that case, perhaps you will offer cheap, disposable masks to customers upon entry.
  4. Sanitizer Services. Disinfecting may become a priority both prior to re-opening your NYC restaurant and then perhaps on a daily basis.  We’re not sure. But you’ll need some type of “industrial strength” sanitizing strategy. Will you do it? Or will you outsource this daily problem. Task #4 – think through how sanitization might work.
  5. Linens. Table cloths, napkins, and “regular” linens might be part of your strategy.  We offer and service these, and they can be changed after each and every customer.

We’re not sure how this will shake out, but we’re thinking it through now. We’re going to be the best New York City sanitizer and supply company. Reach out to us today and let’s brainstorm together! We offer a free estimate service, so use this to contact us about re-opening your restaurant and how we can help.

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