How to Reopen Your NYC Restaurant Post-Pandemic: Should You Switch Linen Suppliers?

New York restaurants are understandably eager to reopen. We’re all waiting not just for Spring and the warmer weather we need for outdoor dining. We’re waiting for the end of the COVID-19 Pandemic. It will come – if not in May, then in June. If not in June, then by October. But we’re optimists and we’re sure that it is going to come. You – the restaurant manager or owner – should be getting ready. What will reopening look like? What will you need to reopen? Perhaps your relationships with suppliers have gone dormant and it’s time to rethink them.

Some Advice: Linen Services are Better than Linen Supply Companies

Let me give you some advice. Rethink your relationship to the linen supply store. Linen supplies often means you are BUYING rather than RENTING your linen

Linen Supply vs. Linen Service New York NY

s. There are some huge disadvantages here. Let’s go over some of them and let me pitch you on why a linen SERVICE (not a linen supply company) might be better for your New York City restaurant. First, when you own them, you are subject to their wear and tear. Linens – tablecloths, chef uniforms and the like – decay over time. But if you rent them, they do not. We replace them with new as needed. Second, a linen service handles everything from top to bottom. It makes your life easy. And, finally, a linen service can expand (or contract) as demand expands or contracts over time. So if the Spring is slow, you get less linens. If the summer is plump, you get more.

Reach out for a Consultation on Linen Supply vs. Linen Service

We’re all eager for New York City to reopen its restaurants! From Take-out to outdoor dining, from indoor dining at 25% capacity to 50% and beyond – we’re eager. A linen service can expand as needed as we all navigate the difficult and unclear times during the Pandemic. If you’re interested in exploring your contract options – reach out to our consultants for a no obligation estimate of how a linen service might be just the change you need post-Pandemic.



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