Our Restaurant Linen Service Is a “No Contract” Service

Running a restaurant in New York City used to be just “incredibly hard.” Now, with Covid-19, it’s insane. It’s on again and off again. It’s up and it’s down. Some days or weeks you just don’t know whether you are coming or going.A “no contract” linen service from Stamford Uniform & Linen for New York City restaurants.

Now, assuming that you are up and running at present, one thing that you simply cannot do without is your linen service. You can’t run a restaurant without fresh tablecloths, napkins, chef’s aprons, wait staff uniforms, bar staff uniforms, entrance mats, and all the rest of it.

Furthermore, not only do you need all those uniforms and linens to be returned to your restaurant fresh and clean every week, you need a service that you can trust. A service that you know will deliver on time every time. No excuses. No apologies.

And that is what we do at Stamford Uniform & Linen. We are only too aware that every last one of our customers is totally reliant upon our delivering the goods without fail, so that they can get on with all the rest of the many things that need to be done when running a restaurant, without having to worry about whether the linens will arrive on the right day. That is what we do. We have always said that a linen and uniform service should simply run in the background without you even knowing that we are there. With us, your uniforms and linens just “happen”.

No Contracts on Our Uniform and Linen Services

Not only that, we do all of this without tying you into a contract like certain other companies do.

Restaurant linen services with no contracts? Why?

Well, as far as we are concerned there is no need to tie you down with a contract. Some of the “big boys” do this because they know that you need your linens and uniforms and to that extent, they have got you over a barrel. So, if something goes wrong and your uniforms and linens don’t arrive on time – tough!

With our restaurant linen services with no contracts, we take a very different view. We have no need to tie you down with a contract. This is because we provide a service that cannot be beaten, and therefore we know we will keep our customers happy. And happy customers stay with the supplier that they are happy with. Simple.

Furthermore, we also take the view that if we didn’t deliver on time every time, we wouldn’t deserve your custom anyway. So that is why we offer restaurant linen services with no contracts. You get what we promise when we promise it.

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