Medical Linen Services From Stamford Uniform & Linen

The smart thing in business today is outsourcing. More and more businesses are outsourcing all sorts of jobs that they used to do “in house” in order to reduce the amount of things they need to do, and in many instances save money by cutting down on staff numbers. With the coming of the internet, many people now work from home on a contract basis.Of course, if you are in any of the medical professions – doctor, dentist, hospital, clinic, osteopath, and many more – you can’t outsource easily, because all your patients come to see you in personMedical Linen Services From Stamford Uniform & Linen at your office or clinic in order that you can examine them and undertake any form of treatment that they need. Yours is a “hands on” business.

One Thing You Can Outsource: Linens and Uniforms

However, there is one thing that you can outsource, and that is your medical linen requirements. By taking advantage of our medical linen service in the greater New York Area, from Stamford (where our plant is), to Brooklyn, the Bronx, and NYC as a whole,  you can hire all of your staff uniforms and other linens from us, and we make it as easy as it could be.

We can design and manufacture your staff uniforms in any style or color that you wish, complete with your logo, so that your patients come to know your brand. Of course, in any medical office everything needs to be ultra clean and spick and span, and with our medical linen service in NYC you can be certain that it will be.

Our drivers visit NYC every day and we can collect all your dirty staff uniforms and used linen – towels, flannels, wipes, and more – on the same day every week and as near as we can at the same time. Your clean linens and uniforms are delivered and the dirty ones taken back to our central plant in Stamford. Here everything is laundered or dry cleaned as necessary ready for delivery back to you in immaculate condition next week.

Our medical linen service in NYC really does make everything that easy, and it is one less thing that you have to worry about.

Make A List for Your Medical Linen Service Needs!

Make a list of what you need together with any design requirements such as your logo and give us a call to make an appointment. We will arrange for a staff member to visit you at a convenient time to discuss your needs and to work out a date by which we can have your uniforms and linens manufactured and to offer you a fair monthly rate.

If you are happy with what we can offer – and we are confident that you will be – we will set a start date for a short while ahead. Then uniforms and linens are one thing that you will never need to worry about again.

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