Linen Service: Free Contract Analysis for 2016

The competition is fierce in business today, especially throughout the greater New York City area. We know that, because we deal with many different types of businesses as one of the top rated linen services in the greater New York City area. Whether it’s restaurants, gyms, medical offices, or other businesses that depend on having clean uniforms, linens, towels and other types of clothing, we know that the environment that they face is competitive.

The Best Prices and the Best Service in the Linen Business

Another fact that we know is that businesses often do not negotiate the best prices or the best service with their suppliers. We know this because Linen Servicemany companies across the greater New York City area have realized that by switching to Stamford Uniform and Linen, they cannot only cut their costs, but they can also improve the quality of their service. In most cases we are less expensive than the competition, and in all cases we have much better service. After all, we, too, are a small business, and we care.

As we enter 2016, we want to remind businesses, especially in New York City including Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, that they often face very high prices and poor quality service. Therefore, if your business is located in New York City, we are willing to do a competitive contract analysis on either uniform rentals or linen services, or both.

Reach out for a FREE Linen Contract Analysis

Simply share with us what you are paying today for your linen service, and discuss with us the quality of the services that are being rendered, and let one of our friendly sales representatives sit down with you and go over point by point how our services are often cheaper, and are always better than the competition. To use this service simply give us a call, or send us an email via the website, and mention the Linen Service Contract Analysis Program 2016. As we enter 2016 this is a great time to improve the bottom line of your business by decreasing the cost of your linen, towel, napkin, uniform, and other types of commercial laundry services. It is also a great time to improve the quality of your own service to your customers, by having snappy uniforms, clean towels and napkins, and even other types of clothing supplies that your employees and customers may be using.

We’re willing to ‘take the (so-called) Pepsi challenge’ – so call us today. You’ll be glad you did!

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