If You Want the Best NYC Linen Service, Stamford Linen Is Here for You

NY is a big state, but at Stamford Linen we focus primarily on New York City (all 5 boroughs) and on Westchester County. Both are full of restaurants, bodegas, doctors’ offices, dentists, etc., and many want a “native” NY, NY linen service, not some huge conglomerate.Stamford Linen offer the best NY, NY linen service.

All right, we are physically based in Stamford, CT, but we operate in NYC every day as well as CT. We provide your local NY, NY linen service and we make absolutely certain that you get your linens and uniforms on time, every time, and in perfect order. We run daily delivery and pickup services, and if your linens and uniforms are due on Thursday morning you will get them on Thursday morning, come hell or high water!

Even during the pandemic, we made sure that all of our customers got their deliveries on time. It wasn’t easy, and we had issues ourselves, obviously. But as a small local provider of NY, NY linen services we have always held to the view that our problems are not our customers’ problems. If one of our machines goes out of action, that is not your problem, it’s ours. In, fact, we pride ourselves that when something goes wrong in our laundry (and from time to time it does, of course) you should never even know that it has happened.

Why Should You Switch to Us?

Why should you? You are paying us to provide you with the service and you have zero interest in how we do it, just so long as it happens. We have said this before, but it’s worth repeating, and that is that you really shouldn’t even know that we are here. It should all happen in the background without you even having to think about it. So, we make certain that it does.

As a relatively small family-run business, our directors are here on site every day, so when there is an issue, they are here to oversee it and get it sorted PDQ.

Furthermore, we are price competitive with the “big boys” and other NY and CT linen and uniform service. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised at our charges. We’re known as the top-rated linen service in New York City for a reason.

Not only that, but we rent uniforms and linens as well. This is perfect if you are opening a new business because anything that you can do to keep the overheads down until you start trading is a benefit. We will send out one of our expert representatives to meet you and discuss your needs, and then provide you with a free quote. Our NY, NY linen services are here to help businesses both large and small.

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