Even Though NY Restaurants Are World Famous, They Still Need Linens

Have you heard that famous song, “New York, New York” by the incredible Frank Sinatra? People literally hum it, once they hear just a line. There is NOWHERE in the world like New York, NY. But in NY, NY, there are a lot of very well-known restaurants, too.  As famous as they are, New York restaurants still need linens, and a top-rated linen service for New York, NY.As famous as they may be, they still all need mundane everyday things like linens, napkins, tablecloths, wait staff uniforms, and so on.

In fact, wherever you may run a restaurant, you can’t run it without all those things. In just the same way as you couldn’t run it without food and drink! This is why so many restaurants in The Big Apple use the New York, NY, linen services for restaurants that we provide at Stamford Linen.

And, no, before you ask, we are not based in NY, NY ourselves. As you might guess from our name, we are based in Stamford, CT, but that doesn’t matter. If you run a restaurant in New York and want to use the New York, NY, linen services for restaurants that we offer, you will be pleased to know that we cover everywhere within a 50-mile radius of Stamford, and that includes all of New York as well.

A Reliable Linen Service!

Probably the most important thing about our services is that we are reliable. When we say that your linens and uniforms will be delivered on Thursday afternoon every week – or whatever day it happens to be – they will be there on Thursday afternoon. Every week. Year in, year out. We are a relatively small family-run business, and our directors are on site on every working day. They are not out on a golf course in the middle of nowhere, so they oversee everything themselves.

What that means to you as a restaurant owner is that if something goes awol in our laundry, it will get sorted. Pronto. Like any other business, sometimes we do have things that go wrong. However, we pride ourselves on the fact that you, our customer, will never know about it because we make certain it doesn’t affect you. Sure, we may be tearing our hair out, but that’s not your problem. You are paying for a service and it’s our job to see to it that you get it.

So, when you use our New York, NY, linen services for restaurants, that is why we guarantee that your linens and uniforms will arrive when they are supposed to arrive. We don’t sing like Frank Sinatra, but our customers do sing our praises.

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