Coronavirus Linen Service (COVID-19 Linen Service) in New York City

The Coronavirus has hit New York City hard. Everyone knows that. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Stay safe! Follow the policies on social distancing! We’ll get through this!

As a leading linen service in New York City, we’re feeling the impact as well. Many clients have been put on hold such as restaurants and bars. But other clients such as our government clients, our clients in healthcare and medical, and even many of our nonprofit clients are still up and running. Even more interesting, we’re seeing a wave of inquiries for people seeking “emergency linen services” here in greater New York. FEMA even called. We have one of the largest capacity commercial laundry plants here in Stamford, CT, plus our trucks and drivers are ready to service the people of the greater New York area.Coronavirus / Covid-19 Linen Supply and Linen Service

We realize that the Coronavirus pandemic has caused, and is causing, a range of problems throughout New York City. But we’ve instituted safe work policies and are ready to deal with healthcare, medical, and other types of governmental or nonprofit entitites. So, if you’re up and running, and looking for a COVID-19 / Coronavirus linen service partner, we can help. We’re small and flexible and can operate as the kind of commercial laundry for big laundry and linen clean ups. Call us today for an immediate analysis of your COVID-19 / Coronavirus needs.

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