Brooklyn Is Cool, and Full of Fantastic Restaurants of All Types

Brooklyn remains the cool and hip spot in New York City. It seems like every day a new restaurant is opening (or re-opening) in Brooklyn. In fact, according to NYC Health Department data, there are 6,646 Brooklyn restaurants.Stamford Linen – servicing great Brooklyn restaurants.What that means is that if you ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner at three different Brooklyn restaurants every day – breakfast at one, lunch at another, and dinner at a third – it would take you just over six years to visit all of them! There’s a useful fact you never knew!

If you run a restaurant in Brooklyn, you obviously need a reliable supply of linens and uniforms, and at Stamford Uniform and Linen we can supply everything that you will ever need. We provide you with tablecloths, napkins, floor mats, chef aprons, wait staff uniforms, oil cloths – you name it, we provide it.

Most importantly, it all gets to you on time. Our trucks service Brooklyn restaurants every day and we can deliver your fresh uniforms and linens all cleaned and laundered to the very highest standards with a weekly delivery and pickup service.

You Have A Hundred And One Things To Do

When you run a restaurant, you have a hundred and one things to do each day – and even more if you also happen to be the chef. The last thing that you need is to worry about whether your linens and uniforms are going to arrive on time. Or worse, they don’t arrive on time, and you then have to get on the phone to your supplier and try to find out what has happened to them. All the while knowing that if they don’t arrive before you open for business, you are in deep schtum.

When you use our Brooklyn restaurants linen service, that doesn’t happen. That is because we are a family firm, and our directors are on site all day every day. They oversee everything that is going on and ensure that everything gets processed as and when it should. Furthermore, if something goes wrong – and it does occasionally – they will just jump in and roll up their sleeves and get stuck in themselves in order to make certain that your linens arrive on time.

Maybe a driver calls in sick. If that means that one of our directors has to jump into the truck and carry out all that driver’s deliveries for the day, then that’s what happens. We have always worked on the basis that if something goes wrong at our end, our customers should never know anything about it. Your linens and uniforms get delivered when you expect them with Stamford Linen.

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