Brooklyn Is Well-Known for Being the Top Place for Trendy Restaurants

Yum, Brooklyn! It’s the #1 place in America for trendy restaurants. We should know as we service many restaurants in and around Brooklyn with their linen needs. Napkins? We got them. Chef coats? Yes. Tablecloths? The #1 place for trendy restaurants in BrooklynOf course. Great price and no contracts? Yes, yes, yes. At Stamford Uniform and Linen, we have everything that you need for restaurant linen services in Brooklyn – and the rest of NYC as well.

What’s more is that we are reliable. We deliver your fresh, clean linen needs every week without any hiccups. Apart from the fact that we are in the same line of business, we are nothing like the Aramark’s and Cintas’s of this world. We don’t make excuses. We just deliver.

Let’s face it: without your linens and uniforms you cannot open your restaurant. You can’t use dirty tablecloths and napkins just because your laundry didn’t show up on time. If that happens, you have only two choices: don’t open, or alternatively rush out and buy a whole duplicate set of linens so that you can open, but only at great and unnecessary expense.

Unlike the “big boys” our directors are not out on the golf course all the time. (In fact, they don’t even play golf!). They are not swanning about in the sun in Hawaii. They are right here in the New York and Connecticut area every day overseeing everything and making certain that everything runs as it should do for restaurant linen services in Brooklyn.

It Doesn’t Mean We Never Have Problems

That doesn’t mean we never have any problems. But what it does mean is that our directors are on site to sort them out if or when they do happen. And if that means that they have to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in, well that’s what happens. Tough on them maybe (!) but if that’s what it takes, then that’s it. Our customers should never know that we have had any issues at all.

Compared with the big boys we are a small business, and we know that when you are a small business like a restaurant you have enough problems on your plate (literally) without having to worry about whether your linens will turn up on time.

As a small business, we are price-competitive with our competitors, and we don’t tie you down with great long contracts. In fact, we don’t believe that you should ever be tied down. That also helps to keep us on our toes because we know full well that if we don’t perform to your expectations, you will simply walk away. And if we didn’t perform to your expectations, that is the way it should be.

We don’t want that to happen, so that is why our restaurant linen services in Brooklyn are going to keep you happy.

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