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Restaurant Linens And Uniforms? It’s Smart To Rent in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is hot! Brooklyn is trendy! It seems that a new restaurant opens in Brooklyn almost every week, because it’s the “in” place to be and everyone wants to live there. Many Brooklyn residents don’t want to cook every evening when they get back from the office, so they dine out whenever they can, which… Read More

Medical Linen Services From Stamford Uniform & Linen

The smart thing in business today is outsourcing. More and more businesses are outsourcing all sorts of jobs that they used to do “in house” in order to reduce the amount of things they need to do, and in many instances save money by cutting down on staff numbers. With the coming of the internet,… Read More

Stamford Linen Announces Spring, 2017, Competitive Linen Service Quote Program for NYC Clients

Brooklyn, NY – February 24, 2017. Stamford Uniform and Linen, a top-rated linen service operating in New York City including Brooklyn at http://www.stamfordlinen.com/, is proud to announce a special competitive quote and analysis program for potential linen service customers.

New York City Gyms Boom, and So Do Towel Services for Gyms

It’s winter. It’s cold outside. While many New York residents want to stay fit, the idea of running five miles in the winter weather doesn’t appeal to most people, so they join one of many NYC gyms. Here they can keep fit without battling the elements, have a shower afterwards, and relax with a latte… Read More

Stamford Uniform & Linen Announces Post on Gym Linen Service in New York & Connecticut

New York, NY – February 29, 2016. Stamford Uniform and Linen, a top-rated linen service operating in Connecticut and New York, has issued an new educational blog post about linen service for gyms and health clubs. The company supports gym towel pickup and delivery during the busy month of January when gym membership increases.