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Midtown Has No Linen Supply Companies There, but Stamford Uniform Can Help

Midtown Manhattan is an island of skyscrapers in a city of skyscrapers. You wouldn’t think there would be linen supply companies in Midtown, and you’d be right. Quite honestly, we can’t afford the rent. At an average $32,000 per square meter in Fifth Avenue, if we were based there, we would have to charge you… Read More

If You Need Uniform and Linen Services in New York City, the Biggest Companies are not Always Best

Big isn’t necessarily better, thought that may run against the grain for New Yorkers, residents of the biggest city in the USA. Big may be better, but not always. It’s certainly not true of NYC linen companies: at Stamford Uniform and Linen we’re not the biggest, but we are the best.

Being the Top Linen Supply Company in New York NY and Not Just For Restaurants

There are several linen services supplying businesses in NYC, some of them very big and uncaring. Oh yes, they’ll tell you they care, but just see how it works out in practice. We couldn’t begin to tell you all the stories we’ve heard in the eight years since we started in business. Some of them… Read More

Stamford Uniform & Linen, a Professional Linen Supply Company Serving Brooklyn, and New York City, Announces New Post about Laundry Service Priorities

New York City, NY – July 14, 2018. Stamford Uniform and Linen, a leading linen supply company serving New York City and environs, has released a new blog post for the New York City business community. An abundance of services within the boundaries of New York City may be available to local businesses including hotels… Read More

Stamford Uniform & Linen Service Announces Fresh Update to NYC Linen Service Page

July 1, 2018 – Brooklyn, New York. Stamford Uniform and Linen, a professional linen service for New York City and Brooklyn, is proud to announce an overhaul to the informational page on linen services, now with an emphasis on New York City. Businesses in the heart of New York, especially in the boroughs of Manhattan… Read More