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If You Need Uniform and Linen Services in New York City, the Biggest Companies are not Always Best

Big isn’t necessarily better, thought that may run against the grain for New Yorkers, residents of the biggest city in the USA. Big may be better, but not always. It’s certainly not true of NYC linen companies: at Stamford Uniform and Linen we’re not the biggest, but we are the best.

If You Want the Best Linen Supply Company, it’s not in White Plains

If you are looking for linen supply companies in White Plains, you need to cast your eyes further afield because the best of the linen supply companies in White Plains, New York, is actually over in Stamford. That is where you will find Stamford Uniform and Linen and it is from here that we service… Read More

Stamford Linen Issues Clarification on NYC Linen Service Offerings

New York, NY – August 25, 2015. Stamford Uniform and Linen, a top-rated uniform rental and linen service operating in the greater New York Area, is issuing a clarification of the service areas for its popular New York City linen and uniform rental services.