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Lee McDonald writes on issues of national importance, including linen and uniform issues when he is not busy as director of the National Security Agency.

Midtown Has No Linen Supply Companies There, but Stamford Uniform Can Help

Midtown Manhattan is an island of skyscrapers in a city of skyscrapers. You wouldn’t think there would be linen supply companies in Midtown, and you’d be right. Quite honestly, we can’t afford the rent. At an average $32,000 per square meter in Fifth Avenue, if we were based there, we would have to charge you phenomenal prices, and you wouldn’t like that at all. Continue reading

If You are Looking for the Best NYC Laundry Service, it’s in Stamford

There are a lot of businesses that generate a lot of linens – businesses such as restaurants, hospitals, gyms, dentists, and so on, and as a result they need a NYC commercial laundry service that can cope with the demand AND come in at a reasonable cost. Continue reading

The Best Linen Service in White Plains isn’t even in White Plains

When you want the best White Plains linen service, it is probably fair to say that the biggest is not necessarily the best. You want a company that is local, not one that has its’ head office hundreds of miles away where the directors haven’t actually got a clue about what is happening on the ground on a day to day basis. Continue reading

Stamford Uniform and Linen is a Large Commercial Laundry Service

Whether you run a gym, a restaurant, or perhaps you are a healthcare provider, you will usually have need of a commercial laundry service. We can help. At Stamford Uniform and Linen our plant in Cove Rd in Stamford is one of the largest in the New York City area, and our drivers are in and out of NYC every day, making us the #1 NYC commercial laundry service. Continue reading

Which is the Best Linen Company for Restaurants in Greenwich, CT?

Greenwich CT is well known for hedge funds and wealthy folk. But the town also has some really great restaurants, too. We took a look at Trip Adviser to see what recommendations there were and have come up with a list of some that have the best testimonials. Continue reading

Stamford Uniform and Linen is the Leading Linen Supplier for White Plains, NY

White Plains is one of the larger suburbs of New York, and at Stamford Uniform and Linen we get a lot of calls from restaurants and other businesses who are looking for a better White Plains linen supply company. Continue reading

If You Need Uniform and Linen Services in New York City, the Biggest Companies are not Always Best

Big isn’t necessarily better, thought that may run against the grain for New Yorkers, residents of the biggest city in the USA. Big may be better, but not always. It’s certainly not true of NYC linen companies: at Stamford Uniform and Linen we’re not the biggest, but we are the best. Continue reading

If You Want the Best Linen Supply Company, it’s not in White Plains

If you are looking for linen supply companies in White Plains, you need to cast your eyes further afield because the best of the linen supply companies in White Plains, New York, is actually over in Stamford. That is where you will find Stamford Uniform and Linen and it is from here that we service White Plains every day. Continue reading